League of Women Voters of Lane County Action Committee

A large part of the work of the League is to be an integral part of the community by consistently observing the work of our cities, county and state governments. The Action Committee is always busy following what is happening in our local and state governments.

If you are interested in participating by going to or watching from home the city and county committee meeting, contact our action committee by email: or call 541-343-7917.

Monthly Action Notes, December 2021

REDISTRICTING: The Lane County Independent Review Committee (IRC) sent three maps to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration. Map J was selected by a 3-2 vote. Check out the new map for the five commissioner districts on the Lane County website:  Map J – Lane County Commissioner Districts 

At a meeting on December 13, the City Council unanimously approved new ward boundaries for Eugene. You can view the map and get demographic information for the new wards on the City of Eugene website: 2021 City of Eugene Ward Map, Eugene Demographic Information for New Wards

HOMELESSNESS: The Eugene Chamber of Commerce completed a report on homelessness in Eugene and held a panel discussion on the current unhoused population in the region, and possible solutions. If you missed it, listen to KLCC’s recorded broadcast: City Club of Eugene

From Keeping in Touch – The Mayor’s Blog, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis reports “a joint meeting with the Lane County Board of Commissioners in December was devoted to an update on several facets of shared work (City and Lane County) to address homelessness.” Learn more on the City’s website: City of Eugene – Notes from the Mayor (Dec Post)

Mayor Vinis also said,  “As I have commented before, the capacity of our provider organizations is stretched thin and the staff highlighted the opportunity to invest American Rescue Plan funds in supporting behavioral health services, outreach teams, and administration of nonprofit providers.” 

Here is an advocacy opportunity for interested, LWVLC members who want to encourage the City to direct ARP funds to help reduce the incidence of homelessness in our community.  

REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION PLAN – There is a new draft 20-year Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the Central Lane region. From Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST) on Measuring Plan Outcomes,  “after spending $1.65 billion, the region is not projected to be significantly better. In the year 2045, about the same percentage of trips will be driving alone, and on average each person will drive 6% more than today”. 

On urging from BEST and other advocates, the Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) has extended the time for review of the draft Central Lane Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). To stay up to date follow BEST: Better Eugene Springfield Transportation – Facebook 

Allocating AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN ACT (ARPA) Funding to Proposed Projects In December Lane Board of County Commissioners began allocating funding to projects and services from the first payment of funds received from the US Department of Treasury as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Lane County staff submitted 84 project requests totaling $101.5 million on proposed funding opportunities. A sub-committee of the ARP Steering Committee used the approved ARP Scoring Matrix and evaluated the projects using adopted priorities and other criteria to meet the U.S. Treasury’s eligibility guidelines.

Some remaining project proposals are to be summarized with Lane County staff to develop a survey tool to gain feedback on these areas of focus and include sample project descriptions. Community members will have an opportunity to give input on where they would like to see Lane County invest American Rescue Plan Act funds. Lane County – American Rescue Plan

The League of Women Voters of Oregon is supporting HB 2021-5 supporting important changes to OR law in support of the climate.

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