Housing, Healthcare & Human Services (virtual) town hall

Marty Wilde will be hosting a Facebook live event discussing Housing and Homelessness on June 3 at 6pm. City Councilors Matt Keating, Claire Syrett, Alan Zelenka and Lane County Commissioner Laurie Trieger. 


Join at facebook.com/wildefororegon/live. You do not have to have a facebook account to view.

Cydney Vandercar
Educating with Creativity and Care

The discussion was great! If you missed the webinar, you can view it by clicking Cydney Vandercar

LWVLC has prepared a video discussing the May 2021 ballot measures that will appear on your ballot. Let your friends know that this information is available on our website. 

Click Ballot Measures for more information

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LWVOR Legislative Reports

There is a lot of important things happening in the legislature. Your state league has been extremely busy. Climate change, candidate filing update to laws, education are just a few of the items address in this report.