Women’s March

January 19, 10 am at the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse.


32th Annual MLK March on Monday, Jan 21st 2019

Rising to the Occasion!

For three decades our community has come together to uphold our commitment to the beloved community spoke about by Dr King  more than 50 years ago. Today we are called on to continue our Stand for Justice everywhere while confronting the inconvenient truths of Climate Change!

League Members are encouraged to come to walk. We will have the banner and would like to see a large contingent honoring this important day.

Jordan Cove Energy Project Alert

Oregon’s Department of State Lands is now accepting public comments through 5:00 p.m. on February 3, 2019 on the revised removal-fill permit application for the Jordan Cove Energy Project. 

Why is this important?
The Jordan Cove LNG (liquefied natural gas) Export Project is a proposal by Canadian energy corporation, Pembina, to ship fracked natural gas from Canada and the Rockies through southern Oregon to the coast to be shipped overseas.  The associated Pacific Connector Pipeline, also known as the “LNG Pipeline,” would impact more than 485 rivers, streams and wetlands including the Rogue, Klamath, and Umpqua rivers. Many of the 600 landowners who would be directly impacted by the pipeline will face eminent domain if they don’t give up their property for the pipeline route. Constructing the pipeline would require clear-cutting a 95-foot buffer through public lands impacting a region with significant fire and earthquake hazards. (From Rogue Riverkeeper  a non-profit organization founded to provide public oversight of Clean Water Act implementation in the Rogue Basin; a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance.)

League of Women Voters Oregon opposes Jordan Cove and has as a legislative priority to Address Climate Change. The League’s position is to “Preserve the physical, chemical and biological integrity of the ecosystem, with maximum protection of public health and the environment” with a focus on demanding pollution prevention. If the goal is to reduce emissions, the project is just the opposite. It will be the greatest carbon producer in the state. For more information on the Project click JORDAN COVE.
Comment Writing Guide: Click here for a Comment Writing Guide prepared by Rogue Climate.


LWVLC Every Member Material on Judicial Issues in Lane County in 2006 will be important in discussions by the government this year. For a review of the study click Judicial Issues.

PROUD TO SHARE that the League of Women Voters of Lane County was one of 40 BetterHousingTogether partners recognized during  the 2018 Community Awards from City of Eugene and Mayor Lucy Vinis.

 It takes partnership and tenacity to build a better future and address the housing crisis–join us in 2019! THANK YOU!

Third Thursday, February 21, 2019


Where: Valley River Inn
Time: 11:30 Lunch, 12 noon Speaker
Lunch: $17 for buffet, $ 5 for beverage only
Seating is available for the public free of charge
Please RSVP if you plan to attend so that we will be able to have available seating for all.

To RSVP call 541-343-7917 (leave message if no answer) or email contact@lwvlc.org. If you cannot make the luncheon after making a reservation, please call and cancel.