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1920 — What a momentous year:

the League of Women Voters was founded and, after 72 years of fighting for it, women finally won the right to vote! LWVLC is planning several events to commemorate the 100thanniversary of these milestones. The events are also intended to increase public awareness of LWVLC, its mission and accomplishments and to create interest in joining, especially among diverse populations. We will also recognize the many accomplishments of the LWVLC since its creation in 1939. Researching this information has been fun and amazing to see what we’ve been up to for the past 80 years! To read more about activities planned and how you can be involved click: 100th Anniversary

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2020Census Update by National League President


Last month all eyes and ears were on the landmark gerrymandering case Rucho v. League of Women Voters of North Carolina. While the Court’s ruling in that case was a huge blow to democracy, the Supreme Court handed down a second critical decision last month—and this one was a big win for the League and for our country, so we wanted to make sure you heard about it.

The SCOTUS ruling in Department of Commerce v. New York put a stop to recent efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, protecting the purpose of this crucial once-in-a-decade count. While the outcome is still yet to be seen, we’re working overtime to help quell the fear and chaos that has resulted in vulnerable communities across the country.

As a key plaintiff in the case, the League argued that a citizenship question would NOT improve enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, but rather severely decrease participation among immigrant and non-English speaking communities, suppressing the count and thus harming those communities and compromising the services we all need to protect our communities and thrive.

Of course, decreasing participation, particularly in communities of color, is exactly why partisan operatives stealthily pushed the citizenship question for two years—so they could maintain their grip on power. Thankfully, the Court sided with democracy on this one.

The League has a concrete, three-pronged strategy that includes education forums, “Get Out the Count” activities, and watchdog reporting. And, if partisan operatives continue to push the citizenship question, our legal teams will be standing ready.


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It has finally arrived. Our ability to pay our dues online. Your membership in the League is so important. 

Payment online (JOIN or RENEW your Membership)helps us save money on postage, paper and envelopes. Dues are due in July. Your ability to donate online is also now activated. It is your generous giving that has allowed us to do so much this past year. Please help us by giving a little extra. 


CONTACT ALL LEGISLATORS, especially House members to Oppose SB 761 Aon e-petitions.
Take Action: Tell legislators to please Oppose SB 761 A. Please email all your legislators ASAP or at least by June 21, since the legislature is moving rapidly to a close. Find your legislator here.
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LWVOR Legislative Report

is now available for June 25, 2019. Click: Legislative Report #23 to read more. There is a lot of important things happening in the legislature. Your state league has been extremely busy. Climate change, candidate filing update to laws, education are just a few of the items address in this report.



2018 HATE AND BIAS REPORT by City of Eugene

The 2018 report is now available for review. Click: Hate & Bias for the detailed report.