Zoom Webinar – May 19, at noon

Presentation by Gabe Flock, Principal Planner, City of Eugene, Zoning and Land Use Department.

Mr. Flock will be speaking on the Greenway Code Amendments for the proposed housing development within the Willamette River Greenway. Registration is required. 

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Lane County Assessor Candidate Forum

The forum was held and both candidates attended. It was very informative and allowed the candidates to express their desires for the department.. You can view it by clicking “Forum”

Annual Meeting of Members

Saturday, May 14

 9 am -11:50 am 

 Garden Club

We are planning to meet in person this year. Unfortunately, The Garden Club does not have internet access, so we will not be streaming the meeting. It is very important that our members attend this meeting. The board needs your guidance and input. Save the date! 



History Studies

The Harvard Case Method Institute, which began at the Harvard Business School, trains high school teachers of history, social studies, and civics at no cost, using actual cases from our government’s inception to the present day. Professor David Moss of the Harvard Business School writes about our country’s many conflicts and the outcomes, both positive and negative. The cases provide historical context, and student discussions are an integral part of this transformative method of teaching civics. The LWVLC has nominated three teachers in Lane County who have completed the program and will teach cases this academic year. For more information about the Case Method Institute, please visit their website:


LWVOR Legislative Reports

There is a lot of important things happening in the legislature. Your state league has been extremely busy. Climate change, candidate filing update to laws, education are just a few of the items address in this report.

Your one-stop resource for all things election.