Current Study

Restudy of Lane County Government adopted 4/2012

Scope: A restudy of Lane County Government in relationship to the changes since 1976.

Outlook for Work:

  1. Review of the legal standing of an Oregon Home Rule County
  2. Review of the Lane County Charter,
  3. Review of the number of commissioners and the election method
    a) Preferred number of commissioners
    b) Elected on a partisan or non-partisan basis
    c) Elected by district or at-large
    d) Residency in districts or at-large
  4. Consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of a strong professional administrator
  5. Examination of Lane County’s current financial situation,
  6. Review of mandated services and consideration of the level of other services,

Review of Lane County’s relationships with local cities and special districts.


The current Lane County Government position was reviewed and adopted in 1976. There have been significant events since then that have impacted Lane County government including the change to a five member board of commissioners elected by district. In addition, a fiscal crisis has developed due to constitutional property tax limitations enacted in the 1990’s and the concurrent decline of federal timber revenue.