Voter Information

2020 Candidate Forums

The LWV of Lane County, LWV of Oregon,
City Club of Eugene and City Club of Springfield


have been sponsoring Zoom forums for the 2020 candidates. This site will be updated as more forums are completed. You can watch the forums by clicking on the following links:

County Commissioner, Position 3, South Eugene: Joel Iboa, Republican and Laurie Trieger, Democrat

Eugene City Council Ward 1: Emily Semple and Elisa Kashinsky

Oregon State House District 8 &11: District 8: Timothy Aldal, Republican and Paul Holvey, Democrat
District 11: Katie Boshart-Glaser, Republican and Marty Wilde, Democrat

Oregon State House District 12: Ruth Linoz, Republican and John Lively, Democrat

US House District 4: Alec Skarlatos, Republican, Peter DeFazio, Democrat, Incumbent

Oregon House Districts 13 and 14: District 13, Nancy Nathanson, Democrat (Incumbent) and David Smith, Republican
District 14: Julie Fahey, Democrat (Incumbent) and Rich Cunningham, Republican

Springfield City Council for Ward 3: Kori Ridley, Johanis Tadeo, Kris McAlister

Oregon Secretary of State: Shemia Fagen, Democrat, Natalie Paravicini, Pacific Green & Progressive, Kim Thatcher, Republican


VOTER SERVICE: Empowering Voters

Voter Service is a major League contribution to our communities. League provides nonpartisan voter information for registration, candidates, ballot measures, voting rights and effective ways to influence public policy. Use these sources to learn about about local and state candidates and ballot measures.

All Oregon Voting is “Vote-by-Mail”

Ballots are Mailed to registered voters 2-3 weeks before election days. See Elections Calendar for detailed election date information.

Return your ballot by mailing to Lane County Elections (local address on voting envelope) or place into official drop boxes. They must be received by 8:00pm on election days.

Counting your ballot process

Do you ever wonder about how Lane County’s ballot counting process? Is it safe? Can the counting of ballots be hacked? Watch this short video of the ballot counting process. Then ask yourself why more states don’t do it the Oregon way.  Click on: How Lane County Elections Processes Your Ballot

Election Dropsites

For information about where to go to drop off your ballot, click DROPSITES.

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