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VOTER SERVICE: Empowering Voters

Voter Service is a major League contribution to our communities. League provides nonpartisan voter information for registration, candidates, ballot measures, voting rights and effective ways to influence public policy. Use these sources to learn about about local and state candidates and ballot measures.

2022  Candidate Forum Video’s
November 8, 2022 Election

Many forums are occurring around the county. View the most recent forums below.

The LWVLC and the Siuslaw Public Library District are co-hosted the candidate forum for West Lane County. View the entire forum to inform yourself about the views of each candidate.

County Commissioner Zoom Forum West Lane (District 1)

The Springfield City Club, the League of Women Voters of Lane County and the Eugene City Club held a candidate forum for Congress for Congressional District 4.
Mike Beilstein, Val Hoyle, Levi Leatherberry, and, Alek Skarlatos, participated. 

Forum for Congressional District 4

The LWV of Lane County, Coos Bay and Umpqua Valley as well as the Coos Bay Public Library, North Bend Public Library and the Siuslaw Public Library District are co-sponsored a 60 minute candidate forum for Oregon State House District 9.

Both candidates, Gerald Boomer Wright and Jerry Rust  participaticed with  Judge Richard Brissenden moderating.  

State House District 9 Candidate Zoom Forum Video

City of Eugene

A primary election will be held in the City of Eugene, Oregon on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, and will be conducted by Lane County Elections in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes.  Candidate Information Packet is available for download.

list of candidates who filed for the May 17, 2022 primary election is available. The candidate filing period has closed and candidate information will be sent to Lane County Elections on March 14 for final certification.


All Oregon Voting is “Vote-by-Mail”

Ballots are Mailed to registered voters 2-3 weeks before election days. See Elections Calendar for detailed election date information.

Return your ballot by mailing to Lane County Elections (local address on voting envelope) or place into official drop boxes. They must be received by 8:00pm on election days.

Counting your ballot process

Do you ever wonder about how Lane County’s ballot counting process? Is it safe? Can the counting of ballots be hacked? Watch this short video of the ballot counting process. Then ask yourself why more states don’t do it the Oregon way.  Click on: How Lane County Elections Processes Your Ballot

Election Dropsites

Dropbox sites change can change from one election to the next. The list of sites are released by Lane County Elections close to each election. Go to Lane County Elections.

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