Vote411 Social Media Blitz | starts May 1st 2024

On May 1, 2024, the League is asking all Oregon volunteers who use any social media to participate in a mass publicity campaign for VOTE411.

VOTE411 is scheduled to go live around April 15, so by May 1 its data should be as thorough as it’s going to get. Ballots are mailed in Oregon starting on May 1, and the three weeks that follow are when most voters will be looking for information about candidates and ballot measures.

The purpose of the social media blitz is twofold: (1) to raise awareness of VOTE411 as a reliable resource for ballot info and (2) to make it easy for voters to click through to the site. Including live links in your messaging is important.

Participating is easy: On May 1, copy and paste the sample social media posts below and share them on your profile (League and personal) along with our provided graphics below. Share this toolkit with your fellow League members to help increase our impact on May 1!

Together, we can make a profound impact by equipping voters with the knowledge and resources they need to engage meaningfully in the democratic process.

You can find election resources such as Canva templates, social media posts, press releases, videos and more on the LWVUS website

MESSAGING GUIDANCE (Copy and paste into your social media posts. Share as many as you like!)

Your vote is more than a mark on a ballot—it’s your chance to shape the future. Vote smart with, the nation’s premier online election resource. #Vote411 #Election2024


Don’t wonder what’s on your ballot—know. Visit for personalized info and get informed for the upcoming elections. Your vote matters! 🗳️ #Election2024 #Vote411


Your vote speaks volumes. Make it count with, the one-stop shop for unbiased election information tailored to your address. Plan your vote today! 🇺🇸 #VoteSmart #Vote411


With, millions of voters nationwide access nonpartisan election resources. From candidate messages to ballot measures, we’ve got you covered. Vote confidently with VOTE411! 🗳️ #Vote411


Be in the know this election season. Explore for candidate forums, ballot info, and drop box locations. Vote with confidence using VOTE411! 🗳️ #Vote411