Social Justice

Antisemitism is in Eugene, Lane County and nationwide.
City Club had a recent program titled:
“Antisemitism: How can we combat it?”
Learn about the roots of antisemitism plus responses that individuals and communities may make. 

ACTION: Watch the Eugene City Club video (1 hr.)

The ERA got its first hearing in 40 years!

Our United States Senate voted on the Equal Rights Amendment!
They failed to pass legislation to address the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

With a 51-47 vote in favor, Senate was nine votes shy of the 60 needed for a resolution. The resolution would have removed a 1982 deadline for state ratification that prevented the Equal Rights Amendment from going into effect. 
They argued it was unnecessary, and that it raised questions about Congress’ authority to remove amendment ratification deadlines.



ACTION ALERT: CLICK HERE to send letter to your senator(s)
Tell Congress that Equality Belongs in the Constitution


“Today is a disappointing day for women. Our nation’s elected leaders have failed yet again to see us as equal members of this democracy.

“It is shameful that despite the significant advances made in recent history, Americans continue to face discrimination on the basis of sex and lack equal rights in the Constitution. Inequality hurts everyone, and we must not continue to be a nation that harmfully excludes and marginalizes women.

We believe in the power of women to create a more perfect democracy, and that includes equal rights under the law, first and foremost.

“A strong democracy doesn’t discriminate against women but empowers women. We will keep fighting, and we will keep showing up to hold our legislators accountable. Equality is essential to our democracy.”