Remembering Flo Alvergue

In sadness over Flo’s tragic death, we recall the many ways Flo supported the League of Women Voters of Lane County.  She will be greatly missed. There are many facets to the life of Flo Alvergue.  She was a kind, open, and welcoming person.  She was a person every community needs – someone willing to take her turn, frequently more than that, to do things that must or should be done.  Need someone to mentor a new League unit? Flo would say, I can do that.  Need a place to meet? Flo would say, you can meet at my house. Need a carpool for a meeting in Salem? Flo would say, I can drive. Thus she led the fledging Springfield discussion unit for many years and also hosted 12-15 League members in her living room for Monday morning’s unit discussion meeting. She served on numerous League nominating committees to recruit leaders for the League. She participated in the League’s Action committee and helped plan League’s advocacy responses to local governmental issues. And Flo took on the challenging job of local League president with co-president Nancie Fadeley, who says of her: “ It was a privilege to work with Flo.  She was an enthusiastic League member, always quick to volunteer to serve on committees, always smiling as she welcomed new – and old – members.  Her devotion to the League and willingness to do what needed to be done, even if it was time consuming and demanding, made her a wonderful role model.  Her energetic participation in League projects energized others to participate.” One highlight of Flo’s time as co-president was an exchange visit from a group of young professional women from Russia to learn about local government in this country.  Flo made sure our visitors got to see the functioning of local governments but also arranged retail experiences for the Russian women so they could spend the cash they brought to purchase real denim jeans plus a large stetson hat for a brother back in Russia.  And she took them to the beautiful Oregon coast so several visitors could see the ocean for the first time in their lives. In addition to League activities Flo was a quilter and belonged to many community groups.  And she really loved politics.  She loved learning about issues, learning about candidates and political processes. She loved both non partisan and partisan politics.  She had family members living in Georgia and always had stories about their political views to tell when she returned from visits. She would have been fascinated to see the role Georgia is playing in the current election, how the demographics there are changing, what it means for voting, what are the main issues there versus here.   To lean more about Flo’s life, visit the website where her formal obituary and a guestbook are posted. 


Flo Alvergue at a Naturalization Ceremony