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April 2023, Homelessness in Lane County, 2019-2023

March 2023, Concurrence Proposal on the Oregon Primary System 2023

February 2023, Homeless Youth

January 2023, Carbon Emissions_Natural Gas
Video:   Methane Mitigation Matters

October 2022, Ballot Measures, November 2022

April 2022, Drug Addition Treatment and Recovery Act 2020

February 2022, Equitable Access to the Internet

January 2022, Program Planning 2022-2023

November 2021, Wildfire Risks & Recovery in Lane County

October 2021, Ranked Choice and STAR Voting:  What Are They and Can They Narrow the Partisan Divide?

April 2021, Climate Recovery from Plan to Action

February 2021, Washington DC Statehood

January 2021, Program Planning

November 2020, Child Care

View the Briefing Webinar with Holly Kris Anderson, Youth Development Director, Eugene Family YMCA  Click View

October 2020, Local and State Ballot Measures for Nov 2020

September 2020, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action

February 2020, Hate Crimes

January 2020, Seismic Risk

December 2019, Program Planning 2020-2021

November 2019, Basics of Planning and Zoning

October 2019, Ballot Measures and Ballot Measure 20-304 Supplimental

March 2019, Hard Rock Mining

February 2019, Redistricting and Gerrymandering

January 2019, Jordan Cove Energy Project

May 2006, Judicial Issues in Lane County

January 2019, Housing

December 2018, Program Planning for 2018

November 2018, Voting Rights and Improving Elections

October 2018, Ballot Measures

May 2018, Campaign Finance

April 2018, Housing

March 2018, Sanctuary Cities

February, 2018 N/A

January 2018, OR Health Measure 101

December, 2017 N/A

November, 2017, Civil Discourse

October, 2017, Ballot Measures

March, 2017, Housing and Homelessness

February, 2017, Post-Secondary Education
For LWVOR Post-Secondary Education Information, Consensus Questions, Click LWVOR

January, 2017, Election Methods

December 2016, Program Planning

November, 2016, Voting Rights

April, 2016,  Water Allocation

January 2016, Money in Politics

December 2015, Program Planning

November 2015, Local Redistricting

October 2015, Constitutional Convention

April 2015 Children at Risk Materials:

Children at Risk Studyshort version: (word document) (PDF)

Consensus Questions

(The full study with all resources, including video links)

sent in March, for our April 2015 meeting: Read the Children at Risk Study.

February 2015, The Status of Health Care in Lane County.

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