TRY Registration/ Elections

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Lane County Elections
275 W 10th Ave. (Corner of 10th Ave. & Lincoln St.), Eugene, OR 97401
Hours of operation: 9 am-12n, 1 pm-4 pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: 541-682-4234 Fax: 541-682-2303

To register to vote a person must be:

  • a resident of Oregon, and
  • a US Citizen, and
  • 17 or older (must be 18 at the time of the election to vote)

Register to vote online

Mail-in registration forms, information on precincts, wards or voting districts is available at Lane County Elections.
To register online or check your registration

Registration deadlines
Registration forms must be postmarked or received in the Lane County Elections Office by 4 p.m. on the 21st day before an election or by 11:59 pm online. Re-registration is necessary if a voter changes name, address, Apt #, party affiliation or if there has been a major change in personal signature.

Political party registration
Voters may register in a political party or may register as “not a member of a party” (unaffiliated). For the primary election, unaffiliated voters will receive ballots for measures and non-partisan candidates only. In the general election they are eligible to vote for party candidates.

Vote by Mail
Elections in Oregon are conducted by mail. Ballots are mailed to registered voters 18-20 days prior to an election. Ballots must be received at Lane County Elections or an Official Ballot Drop Site or any Oregon Election Office by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Election dates unless otherwise mandated by the legislature:

  • Second Tuesday in March
  • Third Tuesday in May (Primary election in even-numbered years)
  • Third Tuesday in September
  • First Tuesday after the first Monday in November (General election in even-numbered years)