Unit Meetings

Units are small discussion groups that meet monthly to discuss pertinent local, state and national issues. There is a study program that is presented by a Discussion Leader and all group members then discuss their views. Units meet the second week of of the month starting in October and ending in May.

10 am – S. Willamette, Eugene                                                                   2 pm – Harlow Road , Eugene      

430 E. 46th Ave.                                                                                                          Mary Keating: 541-344-4889
Flo Alvergue: 541-344-3430

9:30 am – Coburg Road, Eugene                                                              Noon – Springfield Unit
The Springs at Greer Gardens (Main Building)                                                   Washburne Cafe, Main St, Springfield
Linda Ferdowsian: 541-683-6471                                                                           Flo Alvergue: 541-344-3430

10 am – East Eugene, Eugene                                                                       1 pm – Cottage Grove/Creswell
555 E. 15th, Central Presbyterian                                                                              Backstage Bakery
Stephanie Winsor: 541-342-8243                                                                             657 East Main
Diana Grandberry: 541-342-8402                                                                            Gayle Downing: 541-942-1858

5:30 pm – Eugene Downtown
Cafe Yumm, 730 E. Broadway
Charlcie Kaylor, 541-686-0124

10:30 am – Cascade Manor 

Cascade View Rm, 65 W. 30th
Frank Carlton: 541-434-4140
Pat McDaniels: 541-434-4210


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