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ACTION ALERT! Oppose SB 761 A –  Suppresses use of e-petitions. It’s a Critical Time and Your Voice is NEEDED! Date:   June 20, 2019 To:       All League Members and Oregonians From:  Becky Gladstone, LWVOR President and Norman Turrill, LWVOR Governance Coordinator  CONTACT ALL LEGISLATORS, especially House members to Oppose SB 761 Aon e-petitions. 

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Civil Discourse

Type “politics is…” into Google, and you might get “politics is war without bloodshed,” “…the art of the possible,” and “…war by other means,” in descending order. Politics and governance can be nasty, brutish business. The League of Women Voters of Oregon has chosen Civil Discourse as a

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Student Interns from U of O, 2016

Reach Young Adults via their Communication Channels To make more young people aware of the LWVLC, four UO students advised: you’ve got to “speak their language”. Erica Hawley, Ashley Watkins, Brody Foster-Cohen and Taylor Davis reached that conclusion after they researched, developed and implemented a PR plan

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