ACTION ALERT! Oppose SB 761 A –  Suppresses use of e-petitions. It’s a Critical Time and Your Voice is NEEDED!
 Date:   June 20, 2019

To:       All League Members and Oregonians

From:  Becky Gladstone, LWVOR President and Norman Turrill, LWVOR Governance Coordinator 

CONTACT ALL LEGISLATORS, especially House members to Oppose SB 761 Aon e-petitions. 

Take Action:

Tell legislators to please Oppose SB 761 A. Please email all your legislators ASAP or at least by June 21, since the legislature is moving rapidly to a close. Find your legislator here. 

This bill appears to be a cynical attempt to suppress the use of e-petitions by requiring that they be printed only by or at the request of the voter/signer and that all pages of a petition be printed and attached to it. Petition text can be dozens of pages long. This is comparable to laws in southern and midwest states to suppress the vote by requiring voter ID and extra qualifications to register to vote!

 The Oregonian editorialized (here) that this bill “smacks of voter suppression.” The proponents say that the bill is about “quality control.” However, the Secretary of State testified that there is no documented problem with e-petitions, in fact e-petitions have a higher rate of validation than regular multi-signature petitions. 

Subject line:

“Thank you for opposing SB 761 A” or “As an Oregonian, I oppose SB 761 A”

  • SB 761 A passed the Senate on a strict party-line vote.
  • It would inhibit the use of e-petitions for no known problem.
  • This is a “theoretical fraud” concern with no complaints filed.
  • If there is a real problem, then we should address it during the interim, and not at the busy end of the session.
  • This bill discriminates against voters with disabilities, those who are home bound, or who live in rural communities.

Thank you for adding your voice! For more information, contact Norman Turrill, LWVOR Governance Coordinator,