ACTION Alert, November 2022 Meeting

Who is and what does your Action Committee do?

First, the Action Committee is YOU. All of you. It is the interests and actions that you decide to act upon either collectively or individually by becoming well informed, writing letters, offering testimony, sharing an opinion or researching a topic. In other words, playing a critical role in democracy. 

For national level positions log onto the LWVUS website. Click on the TAKE ACTION box and you will find the US League priorities such as DC statehood, affirming the Equal Rights Act, rooting out dark money and putting an end to discrimination at the polls. Have your voice heard by telling senators and representatives or calling on the Biden-Harris White House to support your interests. 

The Oregon League has an Action Team that sets priorities to advocate for issues based on vetted positions:

In this era of COVID-19, we continue to protect democracy. Our priority emphasis was on health, safety, and providing safety net services to the most vulnerable. As employment opportunities improve, it is important to assure all workers have a safe environment with adequate pay to allow Oregon to also  generate adequate revenue for essential services. Continued work on the climate emergency and addressing homelessness and other underserved communities is integral to Oregon’s future.

Here at home within Lane County, where the rubber meets the road, what concerns you? What issues are of utmost importance? The LWVLC has had a significant impact over the years by taking positions on local government issues that have been studied and adopted by the membership. Whatever the issue,

League believes government policy, programs and performance must have:

  • Adequate financing
  • Clear assignment of responsibilities
  • Competent personnel
  • Coordination among levels of government
  • Effective enforcement
  • Well-defined channels for citizen input and review  


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