Board & Resources

Officers & Directors:

President: Terry Parker,
Vice President: Diana Bodtker,
Vice President pro-tem, Freddi Weishahn,
Secretary: Jeanne Taylor,
Treasurer: Gary Harmon,
Action: vacant,
Development: Freddi Weishahn,
Membership: Richard Cundiff,
Office Manager: Linda Ferdowsian,
Program: Sharon Amasha,
Public Relations: Leah Murray,
Technology Director: Rhonda Livesay,  

Units: vacant
Voter Service: Co-chair – vacant, |
Webmaster: June Sedarbaum,

Argus: Charlcie Kaylor,
Fruit Sale: Katie Loughery,
Director at Large: Ruth Seeger,

Committee Chairs:

  • Argus Production & Mailing: Linda Ferdowsian
  • Nominating Committee: Sharon Posner
  • Speaker Series Lectures: Board

For additional membership contact information refer to the hard copy directory available at the office.