100th Anniversary – League of Women Voters

We invite you to attend one or more of these events.

Below is a list of other upcoming events celebrating the 100thanniversary of the ratification of the 19thAmendment and the formation of the League of Women voters. Save the date(s) of the event(s) you want to attend. Some events are still in the planning stage so check back here periodically for updates. And please help these events be a success by volunteering just few hours of your time. The chart below includes estimates of the time commitment required for volunteers at each event. If you are willing to help, please Kathy Madison at 1540katmad@gmail.com. 


Event Day and Time #Volunteers
Task(s)  Time Commitment
Teas at the Shelton-McMurphey-
Johnson House 
8/26/19; 8/26/20
and a third date,
TBD. All at 11 am
3 for each tea

Set up, conduct the tea; clean-up

2 hrs for each task
Opening event for Lane County
History Museum’s exhibit about the
the 19th
January 30, 2020;
2 Greet guests to the opening of the
exhibit and
monitor the
3 hrs
Trivia contest featuring questions about women and the vote. Form a team and compete                     March 4, 2020 None Form a team and
have fun
3 hrs
“History Pub,” a
presentation given at a local pub
about women and
the vote,
cosponsored by
U of O Law School
scheduled for
May, TBD
2 Assist at event 3 hrs
LWVLC and Word
Crafters high
school essay on an essay contest for
high school
The topic, selected by the national
LWV will be
“Women and
the vote”.
12/15: Deadline to enter; 12/15-02/10:
judging; Feb. 14:
winner announced
4 Record and store
entries; prep
entries for judging
10 hrs over 4
LWVLC’s historicaltimeline showing
the organization’s significant and
accomplishments since 1939.
Several dates,
TBD, to set-up and take down display
4 Transport display
to location, set up display. A few days later, take display down and
transport back to
3 hrs for each