Student Interns from U of O, 2016

Reach Young Adults via their Communication Channels

To make more young people aware of the LWVLC, four UO students advised: you’ve got to “speak their language”. Erica Hawley, Ashley Watkins, Brody Foster-Cohen and Taylor Davis reached that conclusion after they researched, developed and implemented a PR plan to help LWVLC close the gap with young adults. The assignment came from the UO Public Relations Department’s capstone class, “Campaigns” that pairs student teams with local organizations to help solve a PR problem.

Specifically, the PR team recommended the LWVLC:

  • Use social media to speak frequently to younger adults. They even provided a guidebook on social media and online networking to help us do so.
  • Create an internship for a college-age young adult who could manage the League’s social media and assist with other outreach to young adults.
  • Partner with more UO student groups, particularly those that are interested in public policy. Invite members of these groups to participate in League activities. The PR team gave the League the names and contact information for the groups they met with.
  • Use the UO campus public radio station to publicize events.

Although the students did not formally analyze the effectiveness of their plan, we do know that while they were implementing it, LWVLC gained 17 new “likes” on our Facebook page and one new member!

A complete report on the students’ work and their Guide to Social Media and Online Networking are available in the League office. LWVLC plans to work with another group of students during spring term to determine the best ways to encourage young adults to register and vote.


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