Initiatives, Senate Resolutions, House Bill for 2016 Election

Initiative # Statutory/Constitutional Date Approv’ed for circulation Current Status Title Ballot Number
3 C 10/9/14 A Amends Constitution: Requires 5% of lottery net proceeds be distributed to finance services to Oregon veterans
4 C 10/30/14 A Fifty percent of net lottery proceeds distributed to counties for allocation to specified public purposes
 7  C 5/5/14  A Amends Constitution: Exempts “gifts” (undefined) within families from tax on estates worth $1 million, other taxes
28 S 9/1/15 A Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services
44 C 4/28/15 A Legislature shall, within two general elections, enact or refer universal health care system to voters
49 C 11/2/15 A Requires two-thirds supermajority for legislature to declare emergency that accelerates law’s effective date; exceptions
50 S 12/1/15 A Prohibits release of specified voter information without voter’s express written consent; changes election verification process
57 S 9/28/15 A Local governments may establish minimum wage higher than minimum established by state law
 58  S  9/28/15  A  Increases Oregon’s minimum wage to $13.50 by 2018; local governments may establish higher wage
 SJR 4 C 6/30/15 A Eliminates mandatory retirement age for state judges
 HB 3085  S  6/30/15  A  Majority yes vote disincorporates city of Damascus; property to Clackamas County, net assets to taxpayers

Revised 6/2/2016

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