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VOTER SERVICE: Live in the moment but 2018 is coming! By Keli Osborn, Chair

ORESTAR lists 135 filed candidates and here is the race summary:

Five (all) Congressional Districts
BoLI (Bureau of Labor & Industries) Commissioner
13 State Senators races
38 State Representatives races
14 District Attorney races
Judges- 2 Supreme Court, 2 County, 38 Circuit Court

Primary Election Important Dates
9/07/2017 – First day to file for candidacy
2/01/2018  – First day to file for precinct committee person
3/06/2018  – Candidate filing deadline
3/15/2018 5pm  – Measure filing deadline 

January 23, 2018: Special Election Important Dates
12/09/2017 – Out-of-country and military ballots mailed
12/26/2017  – Out-of-state ballots mailed
01/02/2018 – Voter registration deadline
01/04/2018 – Ballots mailed; official drop sites open
01/23/2018  – Election Day
02/12/2018  – Last day for county clerk to certify election

You don’t have to come to Voter Service meetings to help us with the work. Maybe you’d like to help with ballot measure presentations or assist at a forum? Contact Keli Osborn,



Yes, We Vote

Last year, millions of Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. Across Lane County November 7, local governments will ask voters about a wide range of issues. But here’s the thing: you can’t cast a ballot on any of these measures unless you’re registered to vote. The voter registration deadline for this fall’s election is October 17. Help us get the word out!

Voter registration is just the first step. LWVLC is experimenting with Please Vote signs to encourage people to take the next step: voting. Thanks to Alice Davenport for the suggestion and to Gary Harmon for organizing.

2018 will be another big election year. We rely on volunteer power to educate community members about ballot measures and to coordinate candidate forums. As always, we welcome your support. Voter Service will meet on Monday, October 16, 2 pm at the League office before taking a break.

Think Before You Ink !

Speaking of 2018, you might be seeing people with clip-boards asking for your signature to help put a measure on the ballot. The League of Women Voters of Oregon has put together a handy brochure: Think Before You Ink. You can find it here: BROCHURE

Oregon Motor Voter Law

The new law took effect on January 1, 2016. It is meant to increase voter engagement by allowing voters an easy way to register. After going to the DMV, you will receive a card in the mail that will give you three options.

  1. Do nothing – you will registered as a nonaffiliated voter (not a member of a political party). You would not be allowed to vote in the primaries.
  2. Pick a party – Choose a party of your choice and return the card.
  3. Opt out – Use the card to decline to participate in the voting responsibility.

For frequently asked questions, Click here.


Look at our Updated They Represent You!

Next Lane County ballots will be for the November 2015 election.

All Oregon Voting is “Vote-by-Mail”

Voter InformationBallots sent out

Mailed to registered voters 2-3 weeks before election days. See Elections Calendar for detailed election date information.

Send your Ballot in
Mail to county elections offices (local address on voting envelope) or into official drop boxes. They must be received by 8:00pm on election days.


Voter Service is a major League contribution to our communities. League provides nonpartisan voter information for registration, candidates, ballot measures, voting rights and effective ways to influence public policy. Use these sources to learn about about local and state candidates and ballot measures.