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Civil Discourse

Type “politics is…” into Google, and you might get “politics is war without bloodshed,” “…the art of the possible,” and “…war by other means,” in descending order. Politics and governance can be nasty, brutish business. The League of Women Voters of Oregon has chosen Civil Discourse as a recommended program item for 2017-2018. Delegates to the […]

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Student Interns from U of O, 2016

Reach Young Adults via their Communication Channels To make more young people aware of the LWVLC, four UO students advised: you’ve got to “speak their language”. Erica Hawley, Ashley Watkins, Brody Foster-Cohen and Taylor Davis reached that conclusion after they researched, developed and implemented a PR plan to help LWVLC close the gap with young […]

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Initiatives, Senate Resolutions, House Bill for 2016 Election

Initiative # Statutory/Constitutional Date Approv’ed for circulation Current Status Title Ballot Number 3 C 10/9/14 A Amends Constitution: Requires 5% of lottery net proceeds be distributed to finance services to Oregon veterans 4 C 10/30/14 A Fifty percent of net lottery proceeds distributed to counties for allocation to specified public purposes  7  C 5/5/14  A […]

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Be part of the decision on financial support for these services on Nov. 3: Measure 20-235 would provide $13.5 million to the City of Eugene over five years to restore 22 hours of service to the two branch libraries and three hours of service at the downtown Library. If approved, the levy would cost the […]

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Are you registered to vote?

 Tuesday, Oct. 13, is the last day to register to vote or to update your registration.     Important money measures for library or fire/safety services are on the ballot in the cities of Eugene and Springfield, and the South Lane County Fire and Rescue District. But to make your opinion count, you must be […]

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Important Campaign Finance Reform bill   LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF OREGON®   Governor Brown’s bill –  Senate Joint Resolution 5 (SJR5) is an important step in taking money out of politics. The League is supporting Common Cause Oregon in their efforts to move SJR 5, a bill that proposes an amendment to the Oregon constitution to allow Legislature or […]

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