Action Alert!


The League has just learned that Senate President Courtney has decided to allow a clean version (without a referral to the voters) of the National Popular Vote (NPV) bill to be heard very soon in the Senate Rules Committee. This decision was unexpected, and it is critical that we make the most of this sudden opportunity.

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Interested in running for office?

The filing deadline for Eugene is February 28, 2018 for the Primary in May, 2018. For more information
click “City of Eugene Elections”

For Springfield click “City of Springfield”

For Lane County click “Lane County Elections”

MLK Jr March 2018

Though it was a cold day, there were many warm hearts walking in this years parade. Several hundred marchers walked in support of Dr. King’s goals.



Some highlights:

  • “LWVOR Action made Revenue our top priority for Oregon’s 79th Legislative Assembly”
  • A task force on redistricting (the “Fair Redistricting Task Force“) comprised of members from all Oregon parties worked “by consensus to draft a proposed Oregon constitutional amendment that would institute an independent redistricting commission to do the next remapping of congressional and legislative districts in 2021”
  • Campaign Finance Reform: “Two bills that would clamp down on independent expenditures (dark money) seemed likely to pass the legislature”
  • SB 802, allowing voter pre-registration to people at least 16 years old, passed with League support
  • Sanctuary Cities remained a contentious issue
  • “We had wins and losses [on natural resources] this session: the 2017 session” ( There were over 75 natural resource area bills during this session – they aren’t all listed, but we have League members willing to answer questions on these – find more information in the full legislative report)
  • “LWVOR supported five gun safety bills, but the only one to pass was SB 719, Extreme Risk Protection Order”

Click here to read the full legislative report.


10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy

It more important now to be involved in your local, state and national political activities. Here are 10 ways to get involved.  Read details



 “Because we tend to be biased in favor of our viewpoint, it is important to keep the standard of fairness at the forefront of our thinking. This is especially important when the situation may call on us to see things we don’t want to see, or give something up that we want to hold onto.”
Linda Elder, The Miniature Guide to critical Thinking: Concepts and Tools

submitted by E. Adee



Keep up with your legislators:

Sen. Ron Wyden Townhalls: Click Sen. Wyden Events
Sen. Jeff Merkley: Click Sen. Merkley Events
Rep. Defazio: Click Rep. DeFazio Events  (Rep. Defazio does not have an events page. This link will take you to his homepage.)

 Voter Suppression Can Impact Outcomes

chris-carsonChris Carlson, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States:

“We recognize the importance of a peaceful transfer of power as a hallmark of a functioning democracy, and we recognize that we have one of the best election systems and democracies in the world, but we also need to say it out loud:  This election was rigged.  And it needs to stop,” for more information go to

We Triumphed

MLK March 2016_smOn Wednesday, the the League prevailed in the legal battle against North Carolina’s restrictive new anti-voter law. The Supreme Court rejected the effort to revive this law. This is a tremendous victory for North Carolina Voters and for all
voters nationwide.



Naturalization 8 2016

Naturalization _2 8 2016

The League aided new citizens in registering to vote!


Members of the League were on hand when 27 new
naturalized citizens from sixteen countries became new citizens!


Tell Congress: Repair The Voting Rights Act 

June 25 marks the third anniversary of the decision in Shelby County v. Holder, the Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act (VRA).  Join the League and tell your Senators and Representatives that it is time to modernize and repair the VRA!

Volunteers at Work!

Naturalization volunteers, 2015Naturalization oath,11_2015Registering at U of OSpfld debate 2014

Whether it is helping with debates and forums, registering young voters at the University of Oregon or assisting with Naturalization Service, your league is there!

Thanks to the many volunteers who have helped in the year. Our work could not be done without your help and dedication.